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Kiyoshi's Katsu House - Anthem - Las Vegas

I think it is going on almost 8 years now since we moved out here to Las Vegas. There are goods and bads to any place you relocate too, but for us the food played a major role. Coming from Los Angeles, where they have some of the best restaurants in the world, there were certain foods that we crave, and could not fill.....or even find something that tastes similar. Yes hotel food is good, and we still love going to buffets, but you can only have so much of it. Not to mention the food quality in the hotels has gone down quite a bit since the pandemic. Fast forward to now, 2023, and wow! There are so many good restaurants in this area now, we can't even keep up anymore!

Our latest find, Kiyoshi's Katsu House in Anthem. Sure there are other curry places, and of course katsu places, but I think this is the first one we found in the Las Vegas area of this caliber. The curry was cooked perfectly. I was wondering why they didn't ask me how spicy I wanted my curry, but I can see why now. It was just perfect. I read on some of their reviews before going that they have really small portions.....I don't agree. I think the portions were just right. The food here filled us up to be just full! But not too full where we don't feel like walking 20 steps to the car.

Don't let the size fool you. The Katsu was not your old style, flattened katsu. The katsu was nice and thick, cooked just right. I think I can safely knock one more thing off of our list of '''Things to eat when we got L.A since Vegas does not have any good places for it."

The inside of the restaurant is very clean and nicely decorated. We walked in right when the restaurant opened, so it was empty, however by the time we were done eating, the restaurant was full, so I think people already know how good this place is already. You can totally tell this restaurant is new. There were quite a few dead giveaways, like the fact that our Miso soup came out at the same time as another table that got here 10 minutes after we did. Or by how long our orders took in general, or how the owner's and owner's family were sitting at one of the customer tables when not helping.....but none of these things bothered us. We went through the same things when we used to have our restaurant and first started off.

The place is not humongous, there are maybe 10 or 11 tables inside? And a small area outside too. Service? Service was very good! The staff was very courteous, friendly, and welcoming. Food was definitely delicious! The Katsu was cooked just perfectly, the curry was perfectly seasoned, sauces were great, again delicious! I did see a few people post reviews about the price/value. Ok, I know everything in the world went up in price, but I do slightly agree with the people who did not like the price too much. It is a little pricy here compared to other Katsu places. Again, don't get me wrong, we are definitely going to come here again, just because of the fact that it tastes better than any other Katsu place in Las Vegas, but it is a little pricy for what it is.

As I mentioned above, we are definitely going to be eating here again. We probably would eat here a lot more if the prices were just a little better though. We ordered 2 plates, no appetizer, no beverages, and with tip our bill was around $56. Picture how much our bill would have been if we ordered an appetizer, and once they get their alcohol license, we ordered a few drinks. I will not mention restaurant names, because I do not want to seem like I am comparing 2 restaurants, however our usual Katsu Curry place that we go to until we found Kiyoshi's is cheaper and has bigger portions, which is probably where the reviews come from about the small portions.

I don't normally close my blog posts this way, but with this one I think it is your call! Please feel free to DM me and let me know what you guys think!

Kiyoshi's Katsu House

2540 Anthem Village Dr #120, Henderson, NV 89052

(725) 204-0336

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