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Gallbladder Removal Surgery - Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

If you are researching Gallbladder removal, or Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy on the Internet right now, you are probably going through the same things that I did not too long ago. Before I get in to my story of what happened, how it happened, and the results, I will tell you this. I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Dasari in Nevada, who got me through this whole deal, and made sure a scared, first time surgery patient got through this whole thing, and took care of me as if he knew me personally.


My whole life, as far back as I can remember I, I had digestive issues. I had indigestion and stomach aches frequently since I was a kid, to the point where my parents thought I was lying. As I got older, I had to figure out ways on my own to deal with my digestive issues. Foods I would avoid, drinking hot water frequently, going on frequent walks, little things that I knew helped me digest would become a part of life for me.


In no way or form do I blame the Doctors that I met before Dr. Dasari for wrong diags, because I know my symptoms and what I was going through are vary vague and could be a million different things. When my digestive issues first started to get a little more than uncomfortable, I started getting migraines. I went to a few doctors out here in Nevada, first doctor said that it's probably anxiety, gave me some meds that really gave me "Anxiety" so I threw those out. Shortly after that, after eating some greasy, spicy foods, I had migraines and trouble breathing so took myself to the E.R. Emergency room doctor told me that I have Chronic Migraines and GERD. Doctor gave me medicine for GERD, and for a long time I really though I had GERD, however after months of taking the medicine I had more negative than positive results, like indigestion getting worse, 0 energy, even felt like fainting sometimes, and minor breathing issues. So I stopped taking the GERD medicine and met a different doctor. This doctor told me that it was allergies, and had me on allergy medicine daily. I will admit, I do have some allergies, because the meds did help on super windy days, or when I go somewhere really dusty, but it didn't really help the issue at hand, and I did not want to take the Allergy meds (Or any meds for that matter) for the rest of my life! So I was back to square one.....not taking any meds, and dealing with the issues on my own.

When it became serious

So again, I wasn't doing too bad, found ways to deal with my indigestion on my own, until one day I started having pain on my right side. That's when I knew inside something was not right. Second thing that happened...because of my sensitive stomach, I go to the bathroom at least once a day, if not twice a day. One day after eating some sushi, I was not able to go the bathroom that day. The next day my stomach was bloated and puffed up, sort of like a puffer fish. The next day, after taking some Metamucil and doing a lot of walking, I as able to go to the bathroom, however I was still bloated, and the pain on my sides were getting worse.

From this day forth, my bathroom patterns sort of became inconsistent ( Which never happened in 40 years ) and the bloating became really bad. Bloating became bad to the point where it was uncomfortable for me to sit in my chair at work, or even drive my car. Coincidentally our company just switched insurance carriers, so I made an appointment with my new Primary Care Physician. They did an Ultrasound on my, and of course everything came back normal!!

After that, I was still in pain, so they sent me to a Gastroenterologist. The doctor here, had no idea what was going on either, so decided to play process of elimination....Yay. They wanted to start with a Colonoscopy which I had done about 3-4 years before (Prep is the worst part of this), and a Hida Scan, which checks your Gallbladder. Because of COVID, and the shortage of everything in the world right now, my tests kept getting pushed back, but I finally got a Hida scan scheduled.

Hida Scan Results

The Hida scan itself was not that bad. A little boring because for about an hour you have to stay still. A radioactive tracer was injected in to me, and then I got to see this go through my body and get to my gallbladder on a monitor. I saw it clearly in my gallbladder on the monitor, so I though everything was good. It turned out to be the opposite. The radioactive tracer got to my gallbladder, but stopped there. My gallbladder was only functioning at 6%! Doctor told me normally if your gallbladder function falls below 35%-40% they say you should remove it....again mine was at 6%. The Gastroenterologist told me to go see Dr. Dasari and have my Gallbladder removed right away!

Dr. Dasari ( )

I contacted Dr. Dasari and booked my appointment. In the meantime, I looked up Dr Dasari on the internet to see his! This Doctor has better reviews than anyone I know! People actually travelled to Nevada to get their procedures done by Dr Dasari, how blessed am I to live 10 minutes from his office!

But even with the good reviews, I still had my doubts. Not about Dr Dasari, just about surgery itself. This was my first time getting any kind of surgery. I guess you can say I am lucky that I never had to have any kind of surgery until I hit 42 years of age, but was also sad, mad, upset, scared, every feeling you can think of I was going through for weeks after finding out that I have to get surgery.

After meeting with Dr Dasari, although he might not know this because I asked him a million questions and kept him from his next appointments, I knew that I had come to the right place. You can tell right off the bat that Dr Dasari knows exactly what he is talking about. But more importantly, you can tell he is not here to just take your money, or just put you on a bunch of meds. He actually listened to what I was saying, and talked to me as if he knew me personally, and was really concerned about my issues.

After our "Meet and Greet" I booked my surgery appointment with Dr Dasari on the spot!

Too much research

Sometimes, I think knowing too much may not help you. I started looking more and more in to the surgery, and even looked up youtube videos of the actual procedure. I really do not recommend this. Do not make the same mistake that I did.

Secondly, I started asking and talking to a bunch of people who had the same procedure done. This was something else I should not have done in my opinion. The reason I say this is because everybody is different. Some people I know cannot eat eggs or onions after their gallbladder removal. Some cannot eat greasy foods or dairy anymore. Some do not even go out anymore because they do not know whey they will have to run to the bathroom. Let me tell you this. None of the above happened to me. To scare you a little more, one of my friends mom actually had stones so bad, she was in the ICU from her gallbladder.

But back to my point, everybody is different. None of what I was fearing about gallbladder happened to me, or to a lot of other people that I know. I actually digest a lot better than I did for years! Not to mention I do not have bloating anymore!

The Surgery

The surgery keeps getting called a Minor Surgery by people, and a lot of people were telling me that it's nothing.....In my opinion, there is no such thing as a MINOR surgery.

This picture was taken right after my surgery. There are 4 incisions, and my stomach is puffed up.

Getting to the surgery center, prep, the actual surgery, and waking up from the Anesthesia, and getting released from the surgery center took a little over 3 hours. You cannot drive yourself, and must have somebody with you to sign you out and drive you home. For those of you who are worried about the surgery itself, here is how it goes. They brief you, prep you, roll you in to the surgery room, knock you out, and you wake up in another room, surgery is all done. It's really the before and after, and what goes on in your head which is the scary part. Once you get to the surgery center, everyone there takes very well care of you, and does everything for you. Dr Dasari came by before the surgery and talked to me for a bit too. All you have to do is lay there and do what they tell you to.

One thing that caught me off guard was the Anesthesia. It was so strong I threw up quite a bit after the surgery. Even after throwing up, it was still in my system for a while, and gave me the nastiest headaches that I have experienced. I actually woke up from my sleep a few times because the headaches were so bad.

The first few days, it was really hard to move or let alone walk on my own. I had to eat Jello, Soup, things that are easy on my stomach. I also had to take this thing called "Milk of Magnesia". It tastes like milk that has been sitting out, but it helped me go to the bathroom easily. Other than that, I took 800mg Ibuprofen regularly. The doctor recommended taking 4 days off, but honestly that was not enough. I actually took the 4 days from surgery, 2 weekends, and then 2 more working days as my recovery. 8 days total. I think I would have taken a few more days off, but it was the 1st of the month, and I had to get work done too. Even after 8 days of recovering from home, it sort of hurt to move around and drive, and walk around at work. It is approaching 3 weeks from the date of surgery now, and I DO feel a LOT better now, but I am still a little cautious, and do not carry anything heavy.

My Diet after Gallbladder Removal

I briefly touched on this subject above, but Dr Dasari was right on this subject too. After hearing all the horror stories of what people cannot eat after Gallbladder removal, I asked Dr Dasari about it, he told me that is not going to happen. Boy was he correct! Not only am I eating and digesting a lot better than before, I can eat dairy again too! A few days ago when I had my first check up after my surgery, Dr Dasri told me to try eating something super greasy and see how it went. I had a juicy burger, deep fried shrimp, fries, and an onion blossom! And of course, I was perfectly fine!

Of course that does NOT mean I will be eating like that everyday now. I will watch my diet, exercise and take care of myself even more now.

I almost forgot one thing. Coffee! I drank coffee from the day I got released. As long as you don't over do it, I was told coffee is ok.

My Conclusion

My whole purpose of sharing this with everyone, is because I know how stressful it can be. Take it from someone who was scared like a little baby, you have nothing to be worried about. I know I was super blessed to meet a doctor like Dr Dasari, have a wife and family who were there for me through the whole process, friends who were there with me at heart, and of course a God that is always watching over me.

I know not everyone is the same, and I do know people who were not as fortunate as I am and cannot eat certain foods anymore. Also, most people I know that had this procedure done had stones, and had to have emergency procedures done, which is a little different. My case, I had a gallbladder that wasn't functioning. I even thought about leaving it, if it is not functioning anyway lol, but of course, you don't want a dead organ in your body either.

But all jokes aside, one thing I've learned from this experience and from previous experiences, listen to your body. If your body tells you something, there is a reason for it. Do not push these signs back. The faster you act on these signs from your body, the easier it is on you. Without good health (Physical and Mental) you cannot do anything. Your money, job, status, what good is it if you do not have health to go with it?

Once again here is a link to Dr. Dasari's youtube channel.

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