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2022 Best Las Vegas Hotel Restaurants

As a previous long time business owner, and as someone who used to run a restaurant, It is really hard for me to say that one restaurant is actually better than another. However I do want to share some restaurants that should be considered some of the best must try restaurants in Las Vegas!

I am in no way wealthy, nor do I eat super expensive meals everyday. However, I have been fortunate enough to live in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and try some of the best foods that the west coast has to offer. Especially after eating at the restaurants at the Las Vegas hotels for so long, a lot of restaurants don’t really surprise my taste buds anymore. The restaurants listed below will!

Hells Kitchen - Gordon Ramsay

Hells Kitchen, located in front of Ceasars Palace is one of the hardest restaurants to get in to. Our last time eating here consisted of a reservation that was made 2 months prior, and a sort of awkward time of 3:30 PM, right in between lunch and dinner. Nonetheless the place was still full, and the line was filled with people trying to squeeze in.

As with most places I go to, we started with the scallops for our Appetizer. What can I say, the scallops were cooked to perfection, and the sauces complimented the scallops perfectly! Probably the best scallops I have tasted on the Strip. Maybe even the best ever.

The real surprise came when I started on their most popular dish, the Beef Wellington. Mind you, I have never tried a Beef Wellington any where else, so I cannot compare it to a different restaurant’s. However once I took my first bite of the Beef Wellington, it instantly made me forget about the hectic entrance, the wait times, and even the price of the dish!

Next up was the braised short rib. Ok, this dish is also super delicious, however it isn’t something really new or different to Korean people, as Koreans eat this quite often. Braised short rib, or Galbi Jjim as Koreans call it, with a deep fried potato of some sort on the bottom, really is amazing.

If I remember correctly, the desert was a English Toffee topped with Ice Cream. Yes, this too was really good. The food here definitely lives up to the restaurants name and image. I don’t think I have seen a single person that was disappointed with this place yet. If you do not live close to Las Vegas, and are planning a vacation here, I highly recommend that you try Hells Kitchen while you are out here!


Next up we have Nobu. I will not go in to too much detail with Nobu. I will just say this. Go try this place, you will NOT be disappointed. As I mentioned in my header, after living in Las Vegas for so long, and trying most of the Hotel Restaurants out here, a lot of places do not suprise my taste buds too much anymore. Well Nobu is different. Every bite of every platter just brought a smile to my face. The quality and taste of the Wagyu here rivaled most steak houses on the strip!

Michael Mina

There are several Michael Mina restaurants in Las Vegas. We find ourselves coming to Stripsteak inside Mandalay Bay the most.

Stripsteak is another gem on the strip where you can find one of the best Steaks. Whether you like Filet Mignon, Ribeye, Wagyu, Stripsteak is ready for you. I think this is where I first tried baby oysters. Once you try the baby oysters here, it will be hard to eat oysters anywhere else. You can also see your steak being cooked to perection through the glass.

They used to give you a variety of french fries and sauces, but the last time we went, they stopped doing thay because of Covid. Hopefully they start doing it again soon.

Jean Georges Steakhouse Aria

Im not sure if it is becuase this is the first place that I tried Wagyu, but this is the place I automatically compare my steaks to. I still remember the first time I came here close to 20 years ago? I remember sitting down, looking at the menu, and thinking what? $20-$30 a ounce for Wagyu? And of course once I took a bite, I knew the price was not bad.

Since then, not only have I been coming here, I have brought people here as well. It seems like the menu has changed a few times over the years, but the overall taste, atmosphere is the same as it was.

Very classy, but not too closed off. Reservations are recommended.

Again, my pictures do not come close to how good the food actually is here. I remember one year I was helping some guests from Korea here and was an interpreter for them. During our meetings, the owner of the Korean company kept on ordering more steak and could not stop. So personally, this is my go to place when it comes to steak, and Las Vegas Hotel Restaurants.

Before I end this posting, I know there are a ton of good restaurants that I left out. And this list is not in any particular order. It is just a posting of the restaurants that came to my mind as must try Las Vegas Hotel Restaurants. Some restaurants like Citizen (Mandalay Bay), Oyster bar inside Harrahs, Sadelle's (Bellagio), Salt and Ivy (Aria), we go quite often, and love the food there. Din Tai Fung (Aria), Noodles (Bellagio), are also really good, but also something you can get at other places too. The Restaurants listed above are restaurants I would take my guests to, especially from other areas.

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