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BMW 5 Series VS Mercedes E-Class...530i VS E350

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

What is the number one question that has been asked to me? Ok, the question that I have been asked the most will probably be "Which is better, iPhone or Android?" And the second most asked question is definitely "Which do you like better? BMW or Mercedes?" Why? Because most of my adult life, I have had one or the other. Before I get in to the who what when where why how type of details, I will open with this. They are 2 completely different vehicles. Yes, that is correct. As similar as they are in class, features, options, engine size etc, they are just 2 completely different beasts.

BMW markets themselves as the Ultimate Driving Machine. That is one thing one cannot argue with. BMW's really are geared towards the driver. Especially in the 3 Series or 5 Series vehicles. When you are driving, you get that "I am the king of the road" type of feeling. Hop in the passenger seat or the back seat, and you will feel like you are in a completely different vehicle. Mercedes Benz on the other hand is a little more balanced. Sure, might not be as fun to drive as a BMW, but your passengers don't compromise ride quality or comfort either. My statements above do not apply to the 7 Series BMW, or the S-Class Mercedes, because ironically the 7 Series actually is comfortable as a passenger, and the S-Class Mercedes is fun to drive =)

Service, this one is huge. Mercedes is far far superior to BMW when it comes to service. I am not saying this based on one dealership, or one incident. This is coming from years of interactions, at multiple times and locations. One of my first experiences as a BMW owner was the first time I needed new brakes on my 3-Series. When they told me it was going to be $600, I responded with "Wow, that's pretty pricy". They responded right away with " If you don't like the high prices, don't drive a high performance car". WOW! Someone at Mercedes would never ever say something like that to you. Or recently when my sister lost the keys to her BMW while vacationing at Death Valley, she called BMW Roadside Service, and they said they cannot help because she is in a non serviceable area. Wait, isn't that why you have roadside assistance? For incidents like this? If we were in the neighborhood, we wouldn't need "Roadside Assistance". Or even just the car buying experience itself. Mercedes makes you feel like they value your business. I remember a few times when getting a Mercedes, and my credit wasn't perfect, they never treated me any differently. BMW, is a whole different story. A few times at BMW, legitimate offers that I presented were turned down, and then once I headed home, they called me back in a few days later to accept the offer. If you are going to accept the offer anyway, why couldn't you just do it on the spot, and everyone would be happy.

Reliability, this is something I will not go too deeply in to, as there are so many factors and variables that can play in to this. However, if you ask me to choose one, and again this is purely based on my experience, I have to say Mercedes are more reliable. Why you ask? Because of one reason only. Any issues that I have had in the past with any of my Mercedes, were valid issues. Fuel pump going out, poorly designed intake manifold breaking, Outer tie rod leaking, this type of stuff is all valid issues that you can expect from a vehicle. However on my BMW's, I've had issues like a 528i, one headlamp would die while I'm driving, but when I turn the light off and back on it will come back on. I remember one night while out with friends, all night I was turning my light off and on repeatedly. Now that I think about it, my BMW Z4 had this same issue. Or one of my 3 series BMW I remember, sort of like magic or a movie, as soon I hit 60,000 miles, every single warning light on my dash came on at the same time, and then the heater came on. Or a 530i that whenever it gets bored, it will tell me that I am driving without my key fob.

Ok, I know that a lot of this post is leaning towards Mercedes, but that is truly how I feel. Does that mean I do not like BMW's anymore? No, of course not. BMW's are awesome vehicles. However when people ask me about BMW's and Mercedes, there is one thing I do tell people. If you are going to get a BMW, lease it. Do not buy it unless you have a Extended or 3rd Party warranty during the duration of your vehicle. You do NOT want to deal with the headaches of it. My last 535i, started losing jugs of coolant, with no leak anywhere at all. If you know about cars, this normally means a new head gasket. Which also means repair costs will be more that what your car is worth. I had to sell my 535i at a pretty hefty loss. Again, with Mercedes, I have never had issues like this, however I still purchase a warranty regardless.

I hope this posting does not steer you towards or away from your purchase of one or the other brand. As I said before, both are Awesome vehicles. Although my choice is leaning towards Mercedes vehicles a lot more right now, that does not mean I will never get a BMW again. The one car that I wish I had before it got discontinued is actually the BMW 6 Series. There are times when I miss the older vehicles, raw power, wake up your neighbors with a cold start. But also, the newer vehicles' smaller engines with Turbos smoothness and gas efficiency is worth the trade off sometimes.

On a side note, so which do I like better iPhone or Android? LOL, if you know me personally, you know the answer to this one. I carry 2 phones, 1 iphone and 1 android. I need an iphone for my Apple Carplay, Music Library, ease of use while on the road etc....but I need my Android for work, file management, and I use it more when stationary.

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