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“Cars” category is being added to our blog soon!

I wasn’t too sure about adding a cars category to this blog, however we have decided to move forward with it. In this section I will be reviewing cars and giving you my honest opinion about cars that I have, had, drove, or had the pleasure of experiencing. So before I officially start to post about vehicles, I will give you a little background on why I like the cars that I like and dislike.

For starters, I grew up very what is the right term, financially limited. I think I was the only kid at our at our high school that did not have a car. This actually stuck with me for a long time and was challenging at times. I remember having to always ask people around me for rides, and even sometimes walking or skate boarding to school for an hour or so. So naturally once I got a job, my mind was focused on getting a car asap. A nice one.

I remember driving my mom’s Oldsmobile around to get to work until I was able to actually buy a car of my own. While all of my friends had nice Japanese imports (Civic, Accord, Integra, Prelude, etc before the Fast and the Furious came out) which was the trend at the time, I was driving my mom’s old Oldsmobile which was as big as an airplane and drove like a cruise ship lol. One I was finally able to afford my own car, I went out and purchased a Toyota Celica GT! To be fair, my first choice was actually the Honda Accord Coupe, however the people at Honda did not trust that I had financing through my credit union and did not want to sell me the vehicle. So I went with Toyota who let me drive my car home that day.

What a nice car! A Toyota Celica GT! Silver with a black interior. I think it was like $22,000? For the first few months that I had my car, it was just a means of transportation. You know, point A to point B. A few months after I bought my car, I got a call from my buddy Ivan at Savas Tires in Bell, CA. Savas was the spot for rims, performance parts, alignments, maintenance, etc. Coincidentally, Ivan also owned a Celica GT at the time and told me that he had a spare set of Eibach lowering springs and offered to give me a deal on them. This changed everything.

Once I had Ivan install the springs on my vehicle, that’s when I knew that I had a long journey ahead of me. That is why I always tell people not to start modifying their cars unless they are ready to start a endless journey. Once I felt and enjoyed the difference the Eibach springs made on my car, visually and performance wise, I started looking for other things I can do to my Celica!! Of course from there I added bolt ons like HKS Exhaust, AEM Cold Air Intake, and then fold out TV and Playstation, rims, body kit, you know!

As with most people who modify their cars, I probably spent as much as the cars value on parts and mods. Do I regret it? Of course not! I can’t change the memories I had with my car for any amount of money. The looks I used to get, random people striking conversations with me, my Celica was actually one of the many vehicle chosen to be in one of the Fast and the Furious movies, until they changed locations last minute. Once thing all of this modifying and getting used to performance parts did though is raise the bar on how I need my car to be.

I will never forget one day when I was driving on the 101 freeway, a Honda Prelude started revving next me and so we raced ( Was a common thing in our area during the 90’s ). I know his car was faster than mine, but never stopped us when we were younger. I remember Me and the Prelude were both red lining, going neck and neck, when a BMW comes out of nowhere and passes us both with very little effort. I think that’s when I first knew that my next car was going to be a German car. Fast forward a little bit and I got my first German car, a BMW 325i Coupe. I never modified this car, aside from a better head unit, and some brembo rotors. I didn’t need to. It was tuned so well from the factory all around, this was probably one of the best cars that I owned. Mine was a Inline 6, not a Turbo 4 like they are now. When I had 325i, Infiniti G35’s were a huge trend at the time. The G35’s had almost 100 horsepower on me, but couldn’t keep up with my 3 Series.

One day when I was on my way to work, I was making a left turn close to the Beverly Center, and some idiot who was speeding t-boned me on my passenger side, without braking at all. My car spun, wheels were falling off, side airbags were all popped, and guess what I came out without a single scratch. When the police showed up, the first thing he said to me was “ You would be dead right now if you weren’t in a BMW “. Since then I became a German car customer for life. More Mercedes now, than BMW, but I will get into why soon. Don’t get me wrong, I did try other brands, Japanese, American, but I always come back to German.

I now work in a Parts E-Commerce Department for Ford, and still love cars!

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