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Cartier Tank Solo XL Steel Strap to Alligator Strap with D Buckle

I had my Cartier Tank Solo XL for a few years now. I bought mine with the Steel strap, as I've always liked the signature look. Lately I have been liking the leather strap look. It looks clean when worn casually and when dressed formally both alike. Also as you can see from the picture above, as hard as I try to take care of the steel, it does get scratched and scuffed pretty easily. This is from wearing this watch only when I go somewhere, or on weekends. Not even daily use.

After doing some research online, it turned out I am not the only one who wants both the steel and leather strap. A lot of people posted online about how they wear 1 during the cold months, and the other during hot months. I was told by Cartier that I can not switch the strap on my own, and have to bring my watch in every time I want to switch straps. I am pretty sure there is a tool you can purchase online somewhere to do this yourself.

And of course, picky us...the specific Black Alligator strap and steel deployant buckle (or D-Buckle) we want had a wait time associated with it. Most people online had t wait a month, if not months after ordering to get their strap.

So after consideration, we proceeded to contact Christy, our contact at Cartier inside Aria. She informed us that she would like for us to come in and check the exact size of my watch before giving us exact information. So we went in, and proceeded to look at my serial number, and what my options were.

As you can see, there are quite a bit of options, pattern, color combinations that you can choose from. As I mentioned earlier, I had my mind set on the black Alligator strap. Of course to make things more complicated, I did not want the standard strap and clasp with the holes. I had to have the matching D-Buckle, which makes it a lot easier to wear and take off the watch, and the Alligator strap will last lot longer with the deployant buckle. Mind you though, the buckle costs as much as the strap.

After waiting like 15 minutes or so, and multiple people looking through online catalogs and serial numbers, to our surprise, they actually had 1 d-buckle and 1 alligator strap in stock. Even the workers were shocked that they had this in stock, and figured someone ordered them and never picked them up!

The above picture shows what the D-Buckle looks like. With the d-buckle, you can set the length of your strap and the clasp will open and close similarly to the steel strap. Without this, you will have the standard pin and hole design sort of like a belt, which will wear out your strap a lot faster.

I have been wearing this watch with the leather strap for about a month now, and so far I am very happy with this purchase. Especially since I have been wearing this watch daily now, which I did not like to do with the steel strap. Does that mean that I do not like the steel strap anymore? Of course not! When winter comes around, I will switch back to steel for a while again.

I know it has only been about a month since the change, but if I feel differently about the alligator strap later on down the road, I will definitely update this post with updates!

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