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Ceragem V6 Review - If you have back problems, you need this!

Let me start off by saying this. I am not a back expert, nor am I an expert on massage devices or back problems. However I can tell you this. Our whole family has back issues, and the Ceragem V6 is curing it! The manual says this is a Therapeutic Thermal Massager, I think it is more than that. Also as you can see above, the Ceragem V6 is actually considered a Class II Medical device, and it is FDA Cleared!

This is what the device looks like when it is folded. Once you fully extend it, it is basically a masssage bed? If you have ever been in a car accident, or have been to a Chiropractor for back problems, chances are you have been on a similar device before. I remember multiple instances where the Chiropractor made me lay on a device similar to the Ceragem V6 while the device goes to work on your back and spine.

Also, if you been on one one of these before, I'm sure you remember how relaxing they are, and how well you can fall asleep on one of your 15 or 30 minute sessions. The Ceragem V6 to me is like a Super version of the standard Massage devices. For starters, as soon as you lay down on the Ceragem, the AI scans your back to see which areas to work on, and which areas to focus on. Aside from the AI scanning, there are numerous different modes and intensity levels you can utilize.

The Ceragem V6 recommends that you put a blanket over yourself while using the device since the Ceragem uses Infrared to heat your back and body. This actually helped us a lot in getting our body warmed up on a cold day.

Also with the Ceragem V6, there is are special attachments that you can use while working on your back. The leg attachment and the stomach attachment. The leg attachment basically goes over your legs and has a leg massaging function. The stomach attachment is the one I really like. It is like half football shaped device, that your rest on your stomach and it starts the vibrate and massage your stomach. This is supposed to be really good for people like myself who is always fighting with bloating and indegestion.

For me and my sister both, the Ceragem V6 could not have come at a better time because we were both going to the Chiropractor for our back problems. I don't want to sound like I am exaggerating, but after 2 days of using the Ceragem, my back problem got so much better I can't even describe it. I am not sure if my lower back problems came from my car accident years ago, from working in front of a computer all day, from moving boxes for my company the other, or even all 3! However my back problem got so bad, lately when I wake up in the morning, it hurt just to slightly bend down when brushing my teeth, let alone any kind of lifting whether light or heavy. But yes, after just 2 days of using this device, I think I can safely say that my back is 80% better than before!

With the Ceragem V6 being at my sisters house, that means that I drove 4 hours to L.A, used the device for 2 days, drove back to my house for 4 hours, and my back is this much better! I can't stop to wonder how my back would feel right now if there was no driving involved, and I have used the Ceragem for a whole week?

That is where the issue will lie for most people. The Ceragem V6 costs about $6000 depending on your area. There are payment plans that they offer, however it is still a lot of money. Now in our case I think it was totally worth it for us, especially since we were paying for Chiropractor visits. With one of these in the house, we can use it whenever we need, and the whole family can use it.

So to conclude this review of the Ceragem V6, we are not affiliated with this company in any way, nor did we receive anything in exchange for this review. We paid full price for this device, and just wanted to share how awesome this device is! As I said in the beginning of this post, I am not an expert in this area at all, so I cannot go in to any technical details of the device or about back problems in general. What I can tell you though is it works!

You can view the video below to see the Ceragem V6 in use.

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