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Dream Racing Las Vegas - 2022 - GT Cars - Super Cars

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Dream Racing in Las Vegas, located inside the Las Vegas Speedway! I had the opportunity to come here recently because my cousin was here from Gerogia, and he is a car enthusiast as much as I am. Well, may more! When my cousin Leon and his friend Zander drove all the way to Las Vegas from Georgia, when I know that they don't gamble or drink, I was a little concerned about what they can do out here for fun. Sure we had fun eating good food out here, catching a show (Jabbawockees, was awesome!), but once we got to Dream Racing, we all became excited like little kids!

For starters, when we got there, everyone was super nice and welcoming. Not the nice as in, come in and spend your money, they were all genuinely nice, welcoming, and answered all of our questions thouroughly. Not to mention we got there around closing time, they still talked to us for quite a bit, let us get in all the cars, and even let us take pictures! After all the converstions, and the information we got, they told us we did not need to make an appointment, as long as we came early in the morning, so we did!

There are many deals and packages to choose from, and of course they are willing to make a special package for you according to your needs. Also, since my cousin is retired millitary, they gave him some extra laps as a discount. They have everything from a Corvette, to actual GT3 Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Which is perfect because if you are not too familiar with these super cars like our buddy Zander who was with was, you can start with the regular super cars, like the NSX and the Porsche 911 GT3. And as for my cousin Leon, who owns a GTR (Modded to 700 HP to the wheels) and Dodge Viper already, he was set on the Audi R8 (Which he was planning on buying soon) and a Lamborghini. After much thought and talking with the drivers there, he actually went with the Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan GT cars, which made sense since these were made for the track, and not something you can drive normally.

Of course like with anything else in this caliber, you do have to sign some waivers before they will let you get behind one of these high powered vehicles. Ok, I don't want this part to scare you. Especially if you have heard about the fatal accident at Speed Vegas, a similar venue a few years back. We actually went through the whole process with these guys before deciding to any of this. The track is a 1.2? Mile track with 9 turns. Yes you can get pretty fast on the straight away, but nothing outrageous or different from what you would be willing to do on the freeway. I think even in the GT car, my cousing was only able to get his car up to like 110mph on the straight. And of course there is a instuctor sitting next to you at all times.

There is a short 9 minute video you have to watch which gives you tips, instructions, and pointers on what to do on the track. The video is really easy to understand, especially if you know even a little about racing. And of course, after the video, before you actually get behind the wheel, a professional driver will take you on 2 laps of the course in a Maserati SUV. Don't be fooled by the SUV though, the professional drivers really push the SUV while out there.

Another really cool thing they offer here is the drift ride along experience. This allows you to hop in the passenger seat of a Dodge Charger or a Toyota Supra (New body style Supra of course) while a professional driver drifts around the course. You can even have multiple people in the car with you, or even to whats called a Battle Drift. The Battle Drift, or Tandem Drift, is basically 2 cars that drift together throughout the course. Our friends actually did the Battle drift, and they were super excited about the experience after. They actually came out shaking and highly recommend this. Another cool thing they offfer is even just a regualar ride along in the race cars too.

All of the vehicles here are unlocked, and free for any of the people who come here to sit indside, get a good look and even take pictures while you are here. From what I know, they have in house techs that keep the vehicles in top condition at all times. Which brings me to the point of, if you take the price of the vehicles, track, maintenance, professional drivers, all in to consideration, the price that they are charging for the laps is actually not too bad. Yes it can get pricy, especially if you want a GT car (5 laps, $599?) , but a Porsche, or Audi R8 for $249, $299.....again a lot of money of course, but not that bad considering everything that you are getting.

After you are finished with the whole experience, it is really hard for any car enthusiast to pass up on the Pictures, Videos, and even gear that they sell in the showroom. I bought a pair of Sparco racing shoes myself. I do not race on my spare time, but these shows were on sale, and were comfortable enough to wear casually! But enough of my explaining, take a look at this video below to see the whole experience!

This video is the uncut almost from beginning to end

Dream Racing 2022 Las Vegas Inside view of Porsche 911 GT3 (Zander)

Dream Racing 2022 Las Vegas Inside view of Battle Drift Dodge Charger (Zander)

Dream Racing 2022 Las Vegas Inside view of Lamborghini Huracan GT (Leon)

Dream Racing 2022 Las Vegas Inside view of Ferrari 488 GT (Leon)

DJ Silk's edited combined video of the Dream Racing Experience!

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