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Juste Un Clou - Cartier - Nail Ring

Ok, why do I like my Juste Un Clou ring so much? Aside from the obvious reasons like the design or the story behind the ring, I actually have my own story about this ring.

When I first saw someone wearing a nail ring, it was on a Korea Drama "My Love From the Star" (별에서 온 그대). Shin Sung Rok (신성록) plays the role of a psychopath? who killed his own brother, and others in the series to get what he wants. Of course he portrays a nice respectable person before people find out how he really is. Anywho, not that I want to be like him or anything like that, however he was wearing a nail ring in the series which caught my attention right away. He is always playing with the ring when when thinking and/or talking. I knew I wanted one for myself!

While this K-Drama was airing, one of my friends came to visit me before he went to Korea and asked me if there was anything I wanted from Korea. So I told him about this nail ring I saw on TV and asked him to find it for me. Little did I know, we eventually found out Cartier makes this nail ring and told him to disregard my request LOL.

More and more I started to see people wearing the Juste Un Clou collection. Rings, bracelets, white gold, rose gold, plain, with diamonds, you get where I am going with this. More and more I looked at it, I wanted it. My wife decided to to buy me one as a gift, so we went to the Cartier boutique and told the nice person there that I wanted a black one just like the one I saw on TV. Turns out Cartier does not make a black one. As picky as I am, I kept going back and forth. Our rep was so helpful, she actually ordered more sizes from other locations just so I can try all of them on and get the one that fit perfectly. (Kristie at Cartier Aria Las will not be disappointed).

So it turns out, a company called MZUU ( is actually the company who made the ring for the K-Drama (MMR002S). It only costs a fraction of the price of a Cartier Juste Un Clou ring, but regardless I am glad I went with the Cartier.

I am not sure if all purchases come with the cleaning kit because our other purchases before like our watches didn't, however this time Kristie gave us a cleaning kit, and some other goodies I won't name because I know it won't be all the time. The cleaning kit comes with a spray, cloth, and a soft brush which I tried using on various items. Works really well!

My hands are not THAT big for a male, so I ended up getting a size 58 which fits perfectly on my index finger. Aside from the fact that my LOVE ring is always on my ring finger, I like the look of the Juste Un Clou on the index finger. One little thing you will notice right away, the ring will feel a little tighter with the nail head facing down, and a little looser facing up. Just a small tip!

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