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Las Vegas Buffets - Luxor Buffet is open again!

The Buffet at Luxor. Las Vegas and Buffets go hand in hand. I must say one of the reasons we were excited to move to Las Vegas was because of the Buffets. Buffets are a lot pricier than they used to be, but so is everything else. One of our favorite Buffets is actually at the Luxor. We were really bummed out when this placed closed after Covid. Well, all buffets closed for a while after Covid, however Luxor’s Buffet took a little longer to reopen. And of course, one of our favorites Buffets, the one at Mandalay Bay, still did not reopen as of today.

Buffets are especially convenient when you have a group of people, or even one or more people that are picky with their food, like myself. Even when it comes to something just as simple as a green salad, I like and don’t like certain things in my salad. I think that is why you will see me eat salad at a buffet or a salad bar, but rarely see me order a salad at a restaurant. Also, when you are at a buffet, you get to choose the exact portions of each type of food that you may feel like eating that day.

I think all Las Vegas buffets have a grill station, or carving station. As much as I like my red meats well sort of, red, I noticed at most Buffets, the meats are better when they are closer to a Medium Well, or even a well done. I am not sure if is because of the type of meat they use at the buffets, or the way to cook it, but that seems to work for me and my wife. Buffets also tend to have a omelet station, pasta station, or stir fry stations. Theses stations within the buffet let you pick what you want in your pasta, omelet, or stir fry and cook it for you on the spot. They do not charge you anything extra at these stations, however they do accept gratuity.


So how was our experience this time at the Luxor Buffet? To be honest, it was not as good as it used to be. The Luxor Buffet used to be one of the best buffets on the strip, however this time a lot of the food was dry, not hot, and they got rid of a lot of the deserts that we loved here (Lava Cake for example). And now since they are only open until 3:00 PM, I do not think the menu or anything will change in the near future. At $30 a person for brunch, I think next time we want to go to a buffet, it would be better for us to pay a little more and just go to the buffet at Bellagio, or pay less and go to the buffet at South Point.

I know and understand that a lot has changed since Covid, but it really feels like a lot of Las Vegas is lacking quality control. A lot of times I feel like people will come to Las Vegas, go back to where they are from and talk about how bad the food was here. This really needs to change. Las Vegas used to have the best food, regardless of what hotel you go to. Don’t get me wrong, there are some places that still keep their quality up to par, but Las Vegas as a whole has definitely dropped in taste and quality. It almost seems like people just don’t care anymore, and have no pride in their work.

I think getting in to the buffet on a Saturday with 0 people in line should have been a clear sign that the food is not as good as it used to be. Mind you, we used to have to stand in line even on weekday before. Who knows? Maybe we just came on a bad day. As much we used to like this place, we came come here again in the near future just to check. I think I said this in a a different post too, but I really think they should either raise the price, and have better food, or lower the price so that people won’t really expect much? I will definitely update my review if my next visit is better. I really hope it is. Again, the Luxor buffet used to be one of our favorites. Whenever we used to bring guests here, they used to love it too.

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