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LG CordZero from a Dyson V8 & Rainbow Vacuum

LG CordZero™ Kompressor® Universal Power ThinQ Stick Vacuum. I was pretty excited to open this up and fire up this bad boy. This actually is not my first posting about a vacuum. My other blog had a posting comparing a standard Hoover, Dyson, and a high end Rainbow. Growing up in a household where we all have allergies, and are sensitive to dust, not only do we vacuum often, we have a lot of interest in vacuums.

Right off the bat I was really impressed at how sturdy the main unit felt. And then to impress me even more, I see 2 removable battery packs. This was a huge plus since our Dyson vacuums are not holding a charge anymore, and they cost $200 + for a replacement battery, and the batteries for Dysons are not just standard removable batteries. The cherry on top? Once I opened the main unit to install the filter, there was already one in there. Yes! 2 batteries and 2 filters!

Once I was almost done putting the unit together, Hello! What do I see? The LG CordZero vacuum has a telescoping tube! Wow! LG really put a lot of thought into this Dyson competitor. It doesn't stop here. It even comes with a well built charging cradle. The stand holds your vacuum, charges both batteries, and holds your extra add-ons. Some may ask what the big deal is about a stand? There are a lot of people out there that do not like to make holes in their walls. So for example, 1 of our Dyson V8's are mounted on the wall. On the other hand one isn't, and it just sort of leans on corner, and does not look clean at all. Especially since we have to charge it this way. Look at the picture below. I must say, the LG CordZero Stand is a GREAT feature.

So the big question, how does it compare to my Dyson? I am not going to get in to the super technical details of which vacuum has more power, or which vacuum holds micro dust particles better. Because realistically, Not only are the 2 units very similar and comparable in tech and design, the minor differences between the 2 in those aspects are not really noticeable to the naked eye. Now for the things that you can and will notice, one thing I really like about the LG over the Dyson, the LG has what they call a 1-Touch Control. For those of you who have used a Dyson for a long period of time will know how handy this feature is. I have heard complaints from people on how their hands start to hurt after a while with the Dysons. The LG CordZero allows you to turn the unit on/off, and set the speed with 1-touch. On the other hand, the LG CordZero itself feels a lot heavier than the Dyson V8.

How do the units maneuver? Both units maneuver very easily, and in my opinion, is the reason people like these handy vacuums. Both are in the $500 or so range, depending the model and options, and both vacuums do their jobs really well. Personally I am not a huge fan of the way both of these units hold dust and everything else in the plastic canisters. I actually prefer Rainbow's technology, where the dust is held in a water chamber....or even the old school dust bags. However, the convenience of these stick units will mean that we will always have at least one in the house. Another big complaint that I hear about Dyson's from almost everyone I know that has one is the battery life. The battery life seems to get cut short after just a few months of use. Some of my friends who live in 2 story houses cannot vacuum their house with a Dyson on 1 charge. Ours does not even run for 3 minutes on High anymore. I honestly cannot say if the LG is better in that sense yet. My sister who vacuums multiple times a day has the LG CordZero at her house, so in few months, we will know if the battery is any better on the LG CordZero. Battery life and other feedback will definitely get updated soon!

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