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My Sim Racing Setup - Next Level rig with Samsung Ultrawide

Today I am going to go a little more in depth about my setup. People have asked me why I like the Samsung 49" Ultrawide gaming monitor so much, over Triple Monitors, and other questions regarding FPS, 4K etc. However for starters, I finally got my Ultrawide monitor mounted to my Next Level Simulator Setup. If you look at my older blogs, or even videos that I have uploaded before, you can notice that I was never able to mount the Ultrawide to my setup. So when I am racing on my Ultrawide, I had to have the Ultrawide monitor on it's stand, and then on my desk. Yes, it was not the best, visually or even from a view point when racing. On the other hand, when I wanted to use the monitor stand that goes with the Next Level Rig, I had to either use my 4K monitor or TV, which did not give me the same level of visuals or immersion that my Ultrawide can. Actually, not even close!

As I am sort of a perfectionist, I was starting lose sleep trying to figure out how to mount the Ultrawide to a standard mounting setup. The monitor was mounted to the stand you can see above. I searched everywhere to find a wall mount that is made for a 49" Ultrawide curved monitor, however I could not find one. I kept seeing pictures of people who had their monitors mounted to the wall, but had no luck getting an answer. I found multiple pictures of people who had their Ultrawide mounted to different sim setups, but none with the exact same Next Level Racing rig that I have, so I figured the different setup just had a way to do it.

And now here is the funny part, there was a reason I could not find the mount for sale anywhere. Not only is it made specifically just for this model 49" Ultrawide Samsung monitor, it is actually included in the box when you buy the monitor! Yes, that is correct. For months and months I was looking for a solution, when it is in my garage this whole time. I was looking for something else when I found the mount in my monitor box! So, Voila! I finally have the Ultrawide monitor mounted to my rig!

So why was i so fixed on getting this particular one to work? As I mentioned earlier, I have a 55" 3D TV, and a 32" 4K Monitor that I could have easily mounted to my rig. Which I actually did a few times, but the difference is night and day when it comes to gaming. My buddy Ollie actually mentioned this to me years ago before, and now I can totally see what he was talking about. Once you play something on 144hz monitor, you can never play that game again at 60FPS, let alone the standard 30FPS. Mind you, my Ultrawide is not even 4k, yet it is still much better than my 4K monitor (60FPS) when it comes to gaming.

Of course, I can always go out and buy the newer Samsung 49" Ultrawide that does have 4K (Which wasn't available when I bought mine) but that would mean major upgrades on my PC to support it. Just like everything else in this world now, the standards for everything is super high now. When I was younger, you can buy a mid-grade graphics card and use it for years and years without running in to any issued. I am currently running a 2070 RTX, and already there are a lot of games that I cannot run on Ultra settings, let alone 4K with a high frame rate. Hence, that is another reason I like the Ultrawide over a Triple Monitor setup. Sure you will have a slightly wider view, and with the right angle, may have a higher level of immersion with Triples, however you will have monitor lines from the borders, and will but a much bigger load on your GPU.

I have heard some people say that 60 FPS is enough for racing games. I'm not going to lie, I used to think so too, until I experienced how the game is supposed to actually look on a 144 FPS monitor. Especially if you play Assetto Corsa Competizione, or Forza, it really is night and day. As I play most car games, even American Truck Simulator, I will tell you right now, 60 FPS is NOT good enough. The only games I play aside from car games and sports games is probably Counter Strike GO at the moment. If you play first person shooter games, you definitely need to try it on a ultrawide monitor with high frame rates!

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