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Pahrump | Moms Diner | Pahrump Nugget | Sanders Winery

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

This past week, we had the privilege of visiting Pahrump Nevada. Pahrump is a small town located 62 miles west of Las Vegas. For most people, Pahrump is known for the place for illegal fireworks, and brothels. That is not what we went for. We went to visit the wineries out there, and just to see what this small town was like. As we love going to the hot springs at Tecopa, we planned our stay at Delight hot springs, and visited Pahrump for 1 day while we were out there.

Our first stop while were in Pahrump was a spot called Mom's Diner. This was the place to go for a good American breakfast based on our research. We pulled up to the restaurant around 9:30 AM on a Saturday, and there were people waiting in line outside already. That was a clear sign that we came to the right place. There were maybe 15 tables, so the restaurant was not huge, but don't let that fool you. This place was busy and full the whole time we were there.

We already love Chicken Fried Steak as it is, but based on looking at what other people were having, it looked like this was their specialty, so we ordered the Chicken Fried Steak, a Waffle, and the Club Sandwich. The food here, DELICIOUS! Price was even better! For 4 people, including drinks and tax, I think the whole bill came out to like $50? Delicious food, great service from friendly staff for the price of fast food, you can't go wrong with that. We will definitely come here again!

After our very satisfying breakfast at Mom's Diner, we decided to go Wine tasting. We went to Pahrump Valley Winery initially, but they were having some kind of an event that day, so we had to look for a different place to go to. We found Sanders Winery online and decided to give them a try. We were welcomed in very kindly, and was offered a free tasting. The tasting consisted of Champagnes, Rose Wine, Red Wine, and then their own mixed drink to wash everything down. We ended up buying like 4 bottles here. The visitors that came in right after us seemed like they were regulars here, and we saw them getting customized labels on their wine bottles for gifts. We found out that this was a complimentary service that they offer to customers who purchase wine here!

As we were getting ready to pay for the wine, we realized that my sister did not have her wallet. After a couple minutes of searching the car, thinking about the last time she saw her wallet, we realized that we left it at Mom's Diner. We called over there right away, and they were expecting a call from us. They had my sister's wallet set aside, so we headed back there.

This incident really shocked us. There really are a lot of good people left in this world. Especially in this area, and in small towns. If you read my other blogs before, we had an incident a few years ago when my sister lost her car keys in Death Valley and was stranded out here, in burning weather, with no Cell Signal. The nice residents and business owners of this area all helped her get through this crazy incident. This incident actually made us regulars of visiting this area.

And now for a second time, we were genuinely shocked that one of the servers was nice enough to turn in my sister's high end Chanel Wallet, that was filled with cash. When we went to Mom's Diner, the owner gave us the wallet, and showed us which server found my sister's wallet. Of course my sister tipped the server a decent amount, and genuinely thanked everyone there. We are definitely going to be regulars at this restaurant!

After a long day, we stopped by Pahrump Nugget to rest and play a little slots. And then we came back to Delight Hot Springs to soak in the jacuzzi and relax. It is always a fun relaxing time whenever we come out here to Tecopa. Just a reminder - There is no Cell Signal out here, so make sure you let someone know if you are traveling over here. Some of the rooms and Airbnb's here have a pretty solid Wifi connection, so you are not totally in the dark. I think we have tried most of the different rooms, RV's, and even Airbnb's here, but I think the one we stayed at this time was probably the best one so far.

To be fair, this nice 3 bedroom Airbnb did cost about 3x as much as the usual rooms around here, but all the furniture, 4k TV's in each room, location, appliances, etc was worth it in my opinion. The nice tub in the master bedroom, full size washer and dryer, separate BBQ area and covered car port on the side, I kind of got the vibe that the owner comes and stays here when it is not rented out. Which is a good thing. Very well maintained and cleaned.

There was only 2 things that I did not like about this place. None of the windows have screens on them. There are a million bugs out here, and we couldn't open any of the windows. Secondly, this is not really the owners fault, but whoever used the BBQ Grill last used all the propane, and left the valve open. The meat that we brought to grill had to be taken back home, and we had to look for alternative options for our meal. Other than that, we would definitely stay here again.

There is a link below if you are interested in staying at this awesome place!

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