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Pandora Arcade Treasure 3d box 11s and 12

Ok, this review took a while for me to put up....naturally because I wanted to fully experience these machines before posting about them. To start off, if you do not know what a Pandora is, it is a arcade console that comes in the form of a 2 player joystick, box, chip etc.

Most of these pandora boxes and pandora copies claim to have thousands of games in them. Technically they do, but technically they dont. What do I mean by that? A lot of the games are repeats, similar versions, and different languages. But most of all, there are a ton of games that most people would never play. Of course there is actually a way to erase or hide the games you dont like, and also a favorites list so that you dont have to flip through 400 pages of games. You will get tired just browsing throught the list. You can also search game names.

Luckily for me, I had the luxury of testing out the Pandora 3D 12, which was the latest pandora, and the Pandora 11s which is the first picture with Ryu pictured on it.

Surprisingly there was a big difference in quality between the 2. The build quality itself, even the way the cables plugged in, heck the cables themselves that come with the Pandora 12 was far more better than what comes with the 11s. However the 11s has better games. Go figure right?

So of course I use the 11s. One thing I did do though is order Sanwa joysticks and buttons and replced them on my Pandora 11s. The price for the Sanwa joysticks and buttons were about $80 for 2 joysticks and 16 buttons, which of course leaves you with 4 extra buttons. They are SUPER easy to install. Literally plug and play.

If you are getting one of these to just button smash X-Men or Final Fight every once in a while, you should be ok with the factory installed joystick and buttons. However if you are a little more serious about your gaming, you definitely want to change them out. I doubted my skills for a while with the factory joystick playing Street Fighter! Once I got the proper joysticks installed, I was exactly where I should be skill level wise.

Now one more notable comparison between the 11s and the 12..... If you are like me and want to use the joystick for PC gaming too, both are compatible. However with the 11s , you have to power on your Pandora for it to work with your PC. Uses power and of course builds heat, makes no sense. With the 12, no power is needed. Just plug the joystick to your pc with the USB cable, and you are good to go. Both 1st and 2nd player joysticks.

As you can see above, add a few control pads, and you can take full advantage of the 3 or 4 player games too!

So is the Pandora box worth buying? YES! Definitely! For under $200, you can get yourself one of these boxes and play all of your favorite Arcade Classics! If you are a Street Fighter nut like me, the 11s even has the Street Fighter 2 version where you can throw fireballs in the air, super super slow fireballs, super super fast fireballs.

I have had people ask me before for a list of games on here, there is no way I can list 3000 or so games. Plus each machine's games list slightly vary. However I can tell you this. 15 or so different versions of Street Fighter 2, Final Fight, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Maybe 50 different airplanse shooters like Aero Fighters, R-Type, 1942, Galaga, etc.....Superman, Batman, Simpsons, X-Men, Ninja Turtles, NBA JAM, Tetris, Bust a Move........I think you get my point. Majority of your favorite classics that you used to pump quraters into are on these boxes. So again, is it worth the $200 dollars? Yes it is. When I have people over, they love the Pandora more than my consoles. I myself find myself on the Pandora a lot more than my XBOX also.

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