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Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G 128GB - Finally Here!

Ok, The long awaited Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G is finally here. It took us a while to decide on either this or the Surface Pro with LTE for our needs. Yes we have super high end PC's at home, Galaxy tablets, ipads, but because of our need for separated IP addresses with our different blog accounts, we needed a PC with it's own IP address.

So why did it take us so long to decide between the Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G and the Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE? The Surface Pro is a much much more powerful machine. The Surface Pro's are comparable to some of the desktops that we use at home with i5 or i7 Processors, DDR4 ram, SSD's, more than enough juice for what we are needing. With that being said, the Surface Pro's do not have 5G! Only LTE (As of now).

On the other hand, The Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G, obviously has 5G. However, the machine itself is not that powerful It runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor (Which is great), but of course does not compare to a i5 or i7 Intel Processor. But on a side note, since the Galaxy Book Go 5G runs on a Snapdragon Processor, it does not require a fan, which makes the super slim design possible.

So what are my first impressions of this device? As mentioned earlier, I was really impressed with the size and design of the Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G. It actually reminded me a lot of my Macbook Air. During the initial setup process though, I wasn't too impressed with the power button or the touch pad. A little bit on the flimsy side, it kind of gave me the impression that if I am not careful, one of these will not last very long. The keyboard is perfectly fine.

2 USB C ports, 1 USB 3.0. Not enough, especially since one of the USB C ports doubles as the charger port. There is no native HDMI output either, so there goes your other USB C port. There is a SD Card slot for expandable storage, but even with that you will probably need a multi port USB C port while using this as a work station at home. On the road, it should be fine. I was a little surprised that there is a sim card slot, and no e-sim embedded into this device. Most devices these days utilize e-sims.

As I do with any of my new devices, the first thing I do is go to allows you to choose the essential programs that you need like Chrome, Firefox, Gom Player, K-Lite Codecs, Itunes, Zoom, Winrar, 7-Zip, etc...into 1 installer package, without any of the advertisements and/or extra add-on suggestions. The programs get installed from here are up to date and have no issues at all. I have been using for years, and have had 0 issues so far. So far up to this step, I am super impressed with the performance of this laptop. The Snapdragon processor paired with the 8GB of DDR4 Ram, and Samsung 128GB Flash Storage are really impressive so far.

Next up, the speed test. Speed test was even more impressive. 167.51 MB Down, and 26.19 Up. T-Mobile 5G is super fast! Sort of. Although my speed test came out as good as my home internet connection, it is still running off of a cellular network, so it is not 100% comparable to a home internet connection yet. Especially for someone like us who has our whole house wired with switches and ethernet cables. By the way, this posting itself is being written on the Galaxy Book GO 5G. Although I have a super good connection, and speeds are super fast for the most part, there are times when the connection loses it's stability. I should have know this was coming because our tablets are the same way, but I as hoping the 5G connection will remedy that.

So to close my review here are my final thoughts of the Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G. Do I recommend this device? Yes. Is it worth the $750? Yes. Again, the whole reason we bought this device was because we needed a PC that does not cross IP addresses with our other devices, and we wanted to be able to use this while out and about too. Most of you who are interested in this device will not have the same issue. So if you can use this at home on your home wired or wifi network, and can use this while out and not have to use coffee shop wifi's or even hotel wifi's which costed us $20 a day recently.

If you are looking for a gaming pc, you are a long way from it. For work, school, blogging, or emails, this machine has more than enough power for your needs. Ironically, after everything that I said, I wish there was a way for me to switch between LTE and 5G. As fast as 5G networks are these days, there are still areas where LTE is a lot more stable. I have been using this device since last and on...and I still have 79% battery, so I can tell you that the battery life is going to be awesome on this device. Last but not least, I was under the impression that the device will come with Windows 10. My device came with Windows 11, which I did not want, however I will just use it for the time being, as most of my work on this PC will be web based.

(We are not affiliated with or did we receive anything from Samsung,, or any of the companies mentioned above)

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