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Vdara 2022 Review Las Vegas | Aria

It's been a while since I did a Las Vegas Hotel review, however since Vdara is a little different from your regular Las Vegas strip hotel, here we go! Why did we choose Vdara this time instead of our usual Bellagio, Delano, or even Aria? Well, it's labor day weekend, there is a massive heat wave going on everywhere, and we wanted to room with a kitchen.

For starters, as soon as you walk in, not a thing has changed since the last time we were here. The Starbucks and Lounge is busy as usual. If anything was different, the Market Cafe was under going some construction. Check In was a breeze, as it normally is with all Mlife properties. One thing different about this place compared to other Mlife properties, is the fact that no one checks your room key here before you get in the elevators. Not a single person checked our keys the whole time we were here. Of course I don't like them to be to TOO strict with the whole room key checking like Venetian / Palazzo where you have to scan your key before getting passed the guard to the elevator area, but some checking does give you a little sense of security.

This time our room was a standard room with king bed. Our other party had a 2 queen room, which was very similar, except for that fact that their room did not have a sofa like ours. As soon as you walk in, you are in the kitchen/hallway. The kitchen is actually the perfect size and setup for a hotel kitchen. A lot of things we need for the kitchen like pots, pans, dishes, etc was available upon request. We had 2 people in each room, and each room was decent sized also. The restroom and tub is very above average, and the views were super!

Now for the bad part. For starters, both rooms had trash in them. One was not vacuumed, and one had cookie / candy wrappers in the drawers. Sure you might say it's not a big deal, however if they forgot the obvious ones like these, how well was the rest of the rooms cleaned. Also, it really is not something you expect from a big name hotel like Vdara (Or any hotel for that matter). To make matters worse, one of the rooms had a broken mini bar. We called the front desk to complain, and they gave us $100 food credit to use. Normally, we would think that this is fair, however this seems to be the new norm. This is sort of happening regularly now. Hotel over books people, understaffed, rooms are not up to standard, and then they just give you some food credit to get passed it.

Regardless, it's Labor Day, there is massive heat wave, my house gets super hot, I am going to enjoy my vacay.

Here is where the problem got worse. I will not name specific restaurnt names, because it seems like it was the theme of this weekend, but every restaurant we went to, the service was horrible. Not only at Aria. We went to a restaurant at Bellagio that we go to regularly for dinner, and same thing over there too. And mind you, most of the workers at this restaurant know us. Not only were all the servers unhappy, no one was getting their food, and all the tables around us were complaining and leaving. It was to the point we started thinking maybe something changed drastically for the MGM Employees for this labor day weekend? Or just before the weekend?

Interestingly enough, at least the most of the food still tasted good!

Another thing that I wish was different, is the fact that there is no in-room dining after 2 PM at Vdara. Of course we have a kitchen so we were able to make food for some of our meals. Another place you want to stop by is the Sky Lounge. Access to the Sky Lounge must be purchased separately, however we enjoy it quite a bit. There are different snacks throughout the day, and various coffees that you can enjoy. The staff here is always super nice.

I really did not want to seem like this post is me venting, but as I am generating this post while I am still at Vdara, I cannot help but to focus on the issues I am going through (As much as I am enjoying my vacation)

Me and my wife are both pretty sensitive to temperature. As I mentioned before, one of the reasons we are here this weekend is because of the fact that there is a massive heat wave, and our house gets really hot. Well, it is the exact opposite here. Our room was freezing cold, which is good for a while, but our thermostat only knew how to go down, and not up. You have to remember when it is 110 degrees out side, and you walk in to a room thats 70 degrees, that's a 40 degree difference which is a huge swing. Of course it would have been nice if we can raise the temperature a little, to like 75 at least, but that did not work.

Which then brought us to us getting burned from the faucet water and showers because the water was hotter than boiling water. I have never experienced this at any other hotel. Sure there were times when we turn the cold water on at other hotels, but because of the hot weather outside, the water would start out a little warm first, and then gradually cold. Not here though, the water was literally hotter than boiling water, and then I remembered watching something on the news years ago about the direction that Vdara is facing, and how the heat burned people in their pool and people got seriously injured. I think there were casualties too if I remember correctly.

As I have mentioned before, I am able to look passed most of these issues and still enjoy my vacation. Especially with a nice tub like this in my room. However I know there are quite a bit of people who would not be able to enjoy their vacation here with issues like these. I know everything...and I mean everything changed in the world after Covid, but the quality of Las Vegas is really going down hill. Of course it does not help that people still keep coming here day after day and Vegas keeps setting records.

I remember just 15-20 years ago, Las Vegas used to really take care of their VIP's. True story, I remember once coming to Las Vegas with some people that I used to work with. We went to go eat dinner, and the restaurant was full. While I was in line, I flashed my Platinum players card, and they actually went and brought another table out and sat us there. I know those days are gone now, and don't even expect Las Vegas to ever be like that ever again, however I do wish they raise the standard some what. Especially when you go to the higher end hotels like Bellagio or Aria. Raise the price if you need to, set a VIP level like Steve Wynn when he initially opened Shadow Creek, do something. Sure when you go to the less expensive hotels, you don't expect as much. But when you go to a nicer hotel, you do not want the room next to you to be filled with 20 people having a party, or people high out of their mind bumping in to you in the hallway, even if you are in Sin City.

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